• A public youth pitch event "'Peace & xx Ideation' – Nuclear Disarmament and Sustainable Futures" will be hosted by UNITAR, Hiroshima Prefectural Government/Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace (HOPe), the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) on 6 August 2023 at 16:30–18:00 (JST, UTC +9).
  • Around 60 youths from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo will work in teams during the workshop and present their ideas for their ideal future. Experts in discussions on nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainable futures will give their feedback.
  • The event will also serve as a platform for young changemakers to collaborate and reflect on the connection between their ideal future and a nuclear-free world.
  • The session will be live-streamed on UNITAR's YouTube channels in English and Japanese.
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28 July 2023, Hiroshima, Japan – On 6 August 2023, UNITAR will hold a public youth pitch event “‘Peace & XX’ Ideation – Nuclear Disarmament and Sustainable Futures”. Around 60 youth from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo will pitch their ideas to realize nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation for a sustainable future.

The session will be livestreamed on YouTube in Japanese and in English, to reach young people around the world.

The challenge for the young people is to come up with innovative, concrete ideas that would help accelerate nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and contribute to the 2030 Agenda and SDGs. Before the public pitch event, the young people will work in teams to consider their ideal future and develop their ideas. The teams will present their ideas to their peers first and the favourites will make their pitches at the public event. 

The public event will give young changemakers a chance to share their ideas of how to achieve global objectives and get feedback from:

  • Ms. Izumi NAKAMITSU, United Nations Under-Secretary-General of Disarmament Affairs
  • Mr. Hidehiko YUZAKI, Governor of Hiroshima Prefectural Government and President of Hiroshima for Global Peace
  • Ms. Mihoko KUMAMOTO, Director of the UNITAR Division for Prosperity and Hiroshima Office

The discussion will be led and facilitated by a youth facilitator active in the field.

Young people play a crucial role in achieving the 2030 Agenda, and the event is expected to inspire youth to voice creative yet concrete and realistic ideas to achieve the goals.

The event is hosted by UNITAR with Hiroshima Prefectural Government/Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace (HOPe), the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA).

General Information

Date/Time: Sunday, 6 August 2022, 16:30–18:00 (JST, UTC +9)

Livestreaming: The public is invited to watch the session on the following channels. No registration is necessary.

Language: Japanese (simultaneous interpretation between Japanese and English will be provided during the live streaming)


1. Young changemakers from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo

2. Panellists

  • Ms Izumi NAKAMITSU, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs 
  • Mr Hidehiko YUZAKI, Governor of Hiroshima Prefectural Government / President of Hiroshima for Global Peace
  • Ms Mihoko KUMAMOTO, Director, Division for Prosperity / Hiroshima Office, UNITAR

3. Facilitator: Mr Kenta SUMIOKA, Vice-Chair of Peace Culture Village

4. Emcee: Ms Kumiko MORIMOTO, freelance announcer


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is a dedicated training arm of the United Nations. In 2022, UNITAR trained 396,046 learners around the world to support their actions for a better future. In addition to our headquarters in Geneva, we have offices in Hiroshima, New York and Bonn and networks around the world.

The Division for Prosperity is based in the Hiroshima Office and Geneva. We seek to shape an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous world through world-class learning and knowledge-sharing services on entrepreneurship, leadership, finance and trade, digital technologies, and nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. We empower individuals from least-developed countries, countries emerging from conflict, and small-island developing states – especially women and young people – to bring about positive change.

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