3 December 2021, Geneva, Switzerland - Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to drive your business to success? Passionate about your project(s) but unsure where to start? Would you like to empower yourself with the skills to navigate a complex and ever-changing global economy? To meet these needs Babson College and UNITAR designed the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership, a series of courses created exclusively for shaping an effective social entrepreneurial leader. Based in Massachusetts, United States, Babson College specializes in entrepreneurship and empowers entrepreneurial leaders to create, grow and steward sustainable economic and social values around the world. Babson College adapts its pedagogy to the changing scene of entrepreneurship, preparing its students for the challenges in the globalized business world.

The Executive Certificate caters to working professionals with career experience, government officials, civil servants, private sector entities, or any other individuals who are motivated to learn and grow outside of traditional graduate degree programs. By attending this programme, participants will develop a critical appraisal of global contemporary challenges and opportunities. They will additionally acquire a well-rounded set of professional and personal leadership skills to drive their projects. The Executive Certificate is comprised of six modules, including themes such as “The Art of Negotiation” and “Leadership Essentials”. The methodology of the Executive Certificate endorses a practical “learning-by-doing” approach, assessing real-life case studies and taking part in immersive simulations.

Participants will be part of a truly international cohort and will be guided to familiarize themselves with international environments. Through this, the programme empowers its students to establish a global and diverse network crucial to any entrepreneurial endeavour. In the fall of 2022, participants will have the opportunity to visit Geneva and explore the heart of multilateral decision-making, along with the multicultural lifestyle the city offers

On 22 November, an open webinar was jointly held by the two Institutes to showcase the importance of entrepreneurial leadership and highlight with which vital skills the Certificate aims to equip participants. The recording of the webinar is openly accessible to anyone interested in learning more about these aspects: UNITAR-Babson Open Webinar on Global Business Leadership.

Ultimately, the online Executive Certificate champions global thinking by providing its participants with a truly global and results-oriented mindset. UNITAR and Babson aspire to equip future entrepreneurial leaders with all tools needed to not only succeed but become champions of societal improvement and sustainability in an international economic landscape.

The programme will run from February 2022 to January 2023. UNITAR encourages applicants to seek sponsorship from their employers to support them with the course fee.

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