28 June 2021, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR and CEU San Pablo University held the first informational session to introduce their exciting new initiative, the UNITAR-CEU International Professional Programme, set to launch in September 2021. This initiative aims to support and strengthen the skills of CEU’s first, second, third, and fourth-year students of the Double Degree in International Relations and European Union, Journalism or Law.

In our innovative new programme with CEU San Pablo University, selected students will have the unique opportunity to explore the UN system and understand what working at the United Nations is like. Through the programme, they will be invited to enhance their professional and academic profiles and introduced to new means of collaborating, networking, and practical understanding in their selected fields which will bolster their potential and empower them to excel in whichever subject they choose.

On behalf of UNITAR, Ms. Clara Sánchez López articulated during this session how these trainings have been tailored to the needs of the students depending on their year and ability. Each of the trainings build upon one another, leading up to the fourth year of study.

As a brief overview, first year students will experience a more introductory course focused on the tenants of public and cultural diplomacy, as well as how the practice of each has evolved to suit both previous and current global affairs. Second year students will analyze the intersection between Human Rights, Environmental Protection and Climate change. Building upon this background, third-year students will study International Humanitarian Law (IHL). 

Finally, as a culmination of the programme, the fourth-year students will engage in two different trainings throughout their last year. The first is UNITAR’s Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice and International Skills, which will include online and in-person workshops on core diplomatic skills, as well as the opportunity to visit the United Nations Palace of Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and other international organizations. As part of the year four programme, a UN Internship Preparation Programme will also be offered. This internship preparation programme will provide these students with the tools they need to stand out in their applications as future UN interns, if they so choose this path, and will enable them to understand the complexities of the UN hiring process. Moreover, two of the top students will be offered the opportunity of getting an internship with UNITAR.

Of the many outstanding candidates in this programme, top students will have the chance to publish their final bachelor’s thesis across UNITAR’s networks and have their research seen by members within the UN System. For the first time ever, students will have the opportunity to publish a research paper on our website and demonstrate their academic excellence to our network.

Ms. Sanchez Lopez emphasized that students will also have the chance to experience the internal dynamics of the United Nations system and get an in-depth understanding of Geneva’s international working environment by attending multilateral conferences held by the different UN agencies and committees in Geneva, as well as the Human Rights Council sessions (COVID-19 allowing). Therefore, these students will obtain through the International Professional Programme a profound and unique glimpse into the world of international affairs while completing a rigorous and challenging new academic programme.

More information

For more information, please refer to this link or contact Ms. Clara Lopez at Clara.LOPEZ@unitar.org.

Applications are exclusively reserved for CEU San Pablo students.

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