22 September 2015, Juba, Republic of South Sudan – The United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) Hiroshima Office and the Embassy of Japan in South Sudan are pleased to announce the launch of the UNITAR Project Development and Implementation Training Programme for South Sudan (hereafter “the programme”). As Africa’s newest nation, South Sudan faces a number of challenges to achieve sustainable peace and prosperity. The programme will build the local capacity of the South Sudanese people to counter these challenges and support the sustainable development and recovery of South Sudan.

Tailored to the current realities of South Sudan, the UNITAR programme takes a unique approach by focusing on developing project management and leadership skills. The programme is a six-month-long initiative, aiming to directly impact the knowledge, skills and attitudes of junior to mid-career level South Sudanese professionals in both the public sector and civil society organizations by offering three workshops—two in Juba, and one in Hiroshima, Japan. Each workshop will be linked by training modules, and participant-led projects focused on addressing contemporary issues in South Sudan. The programme also includes a “Training the Trainer” component, which will allow the benefits and lessons of the programme to be shared broadly across participant organizations. The 2015 programme, scheduled to run between November 2015 and March 2016, will include a total of twenty representatives from sixteen government offices and four civil society organizations.

“Together with my colleagues at UNITAR Hiroshima, I am proud to be able to work for the people of South Sudan. We are based in Hiroshima, which experienced the tragedy of the first atomic bombing and recovered in a short period of time. Through sharing these experiences and lessons, I hope this training programme will not only help develop the human capacity needed for nation building, but also bring hope to the people of South Sudan,” says Mihoko Kumamoto, Head of UNITAR Hiroshima Office.

“We look forward to working closely with the people of South Sudan for a brighter future.” Reflecting the ongoing commitment of UNITAR to support the sustainable development of South Sudan, UNITAR Hiroshima opened a new field office in Juba in September.

Kiya Masahiko, Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan, notes: “The Government and the people of Japan are behind the self-help efforts of the people of South Sudan to achieve sustainable development and peace. As a nation that rose from the devastation of war in pursuit of peace, Japan is eager to see peace in South Sudan take root by the people’s leadership and ownership galvanized through this Japan-UNITAR Hiroshima project.”

The Government of Japan, a strong advocate of global peace and development, is committed to supporting the South Sudanese people through a range of humanitarian, development and peacebuilding projects, including through UNITAR Hiroshima.

The programme is being coordinated with the support of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is the political focal point for the programme and the Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resources Development is the operational focal point.

Download the joint press release (PDF).

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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is a principal training arm of the United Nations, working in every region of the world. We empower individuals, governments and organizations through knowledge and learning to effectively overcome contemporary global challenges.

The UNITAR Hiroshima Office, mandated to promote post-conflict reconstruction and international peace, has long engaged in designing and conducting training for people from post-conflict countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, now commanding a unique understanding of the needs of such trainees as they work toward peace.

For more information, please contact:

At UNITAR Hiroshima
Shamsul Hadi SHAMS (Mr.)
E-mail: shamsul.shams@unitar.org
Phone: +81 82 511 2424

At Embassy of Japan in South Sudan
Koji ITO (Mr.)
E-mail: koji.ito-2@mofa.go.jp
Phone: +211 956 481 145

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