UNITAR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria Continue to Strengthen Their Cooperation 

6 - 13 November 2017, Algiers, Algeria – Following a series of events that have been jointly organized between UNITAR and the Institut Diplomatique et des Relations Internationales (IDRI) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria, UNITAR’s Multilateral Diplomacy Programme held two three-day workshops on Public Speaking Skills and Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills for 21 and 24 Algerian diplomats and officials respectively. The long-standing and fruitful collaboration with IDRI has reinforced the individual and institutional capacities of officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in the domain of multilateral diplomacy.

UNITAR and the Ministry of Affairs in Algeria continue to strengthen their cooperation

The first activity was a 3-day workshop which focused on the different aspects of public speaking, highlighting the importance and impact of these skills. In the second workshop, participants familiarized themselves with how to respond to conflict and crisis scenarios and to facilitate peaceful resolutions of conflicts . Each of the topics covered was reinforced with case studies and simulation exercises to allow participants to put in practice the concepts learnt based on real-life situations.

By the end of these workshops, all participants were satisfied with the outcomes of the workshop and 100% of them expressed the likelihood to use the information in their future activities and will recommend this seminar to their colleagues.

UNITAR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria Continue to Strengthen Their Cooperation

Photos: Participants and organizers of the workshop