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1 June 2022, Geneva, Switzerland - International affairs and diplomacy are fields that are becoming more relevant as the world grows and interconnects through migration, commerce and business, social media, and mutual concerns about global environmental issues. In this context, we are particularly proud to announce the launch of the joint United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Seton Hall University (SHU) Online Master’s Programme in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice, a new postgraduate programme which will allow mid-career professionals to explore contemporary diplomacy against the changing nature of world politics in relation to international law, and enable them to investigate the complexities of relationships between different countries.

This accelerated online M.S. degree, which allows for flexible pacing, will provide participants with a sophisticated understanding of International Affairs and Diplomacy, both as a subjects of academic study and as intellectual preparation for a wide range of career choices. The interdisciplinary character of the programme allows for participance participation in synchronous and asynchronous lessons, thus immersing students in the content through engaging online material, lectures, case studies, interactive sessions, groupwork, and stakeholder discussions.

Throughout the programme, the ability to analyse complex issues in the field of international affairs and diplomacy will be developed by completing a choice of four core courses offered by SHU Seton Hall University including Public International Law, Art and Science of International Negotiation, Comparative Foreign Policy, Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism, International Political Economy and Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations. In addition, participants can complete one of the school’s 13 functional and regional specializations.

Next to these courses, the degree features a variety of elective modules, jointly created by UNITAR and SHU to enable students to develop their specialist interests in a wide range of diverse areas and gain practical skills from world-class practitioners. These modules cover topics ranging from Public and Cultural Diplomacy, Project Management, and Leadership in International Organizations to Diplomatic Communication, Mediation and Negotiation Training, and Public-Private Partnerships and Business Diplomacy. The exclusive online master’s degree will thus offer a unique opportunity to join combine theory and practice, in a truly unique new postgraduate degree catered to flexible learners.

Students’ learning experience will be supported by leading international experts who work closely with the United Nations, international companies, and NGOs globally. By participating in the International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice Programme, students will gain access to the highly experienced UNITAR and Seton Hall University faculty who will guide and support participants them throughout the study their studies.

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