4 May 2022, New York, United States (Virtual) – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) New York office, in partnership with AABGM Inc. - a Microsoft and EC Council certified leading company in the Cybersecurity field, kickstarted the event on Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Session 2) - Advanced Cybersecurity.  The event began with Mr. Marco A. Suazo, Head of the UNITAR’s New York office. Mr. Suazo highlighted the importance of cybersecurity training and learning, specially Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the cybersecurity. Mr. Marco then handed over the floor to Mr. Mashkurul Haque, Security Training Programme Consultant of UNITAR to introduce Mr. Abdul Alim. Mr. Haque highlighted the long career, leadership, and expertise of Mr. Alim in the cybersecurity field.

Mr. Alim gave a high-level overview of different attack vectors. He also mentioned about the current and the future threats of cybersecurity. Here, Mr. Alim discussed the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and AI-Based APT. Mr. Alim also highlighted the cyberthreat on IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Finally, he brought out the fact of the threat of Deepfake Technology (AI/DL) in cybersecurity.

Mr. Alim discussed the importance of developing a cybersecurity framework involving the Member States for the Member States. He mentioned that for the progressively interconnected network of cyber-physical systems (CPS), it is a demand of the time to develop such framework.

The participants were very much interested and asked a good number of questions, including on protective measures from Deepfake technology, APTs, how to detect an attack, etc,. The participants expressed their deep interest in learning more on Cybersecurity. Mr. Marco mentioned about the UNITAR plan to work out how to develop a professional training curriculum on cybersecurity. Mr. Marco then thanks all the participants for joining the event.

Link to the YouTube Video of the Presentation

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