UNITAR New York Office Welcomes the Hiroshima City Council Delegates

Meeting Briefing: UNITAR New York Office Meeting with the Hiroshima City Council Delegates13 April 2018, New York City, United States – Mr. Marco Suazo, head-of-office of the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) New York Office, met with 13 delegates from Hiroshima City Council, Japan. The meeting was held in the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations on Friday morning, 13 April 2018. 

Mr. Marco Suazo welcomed delegates with an opening speech addressing the special ties between the city of Hiroshima and New York – UNITAR’s offices are located in both cities and they are constantly contributing to capacity building and peacebuilding in conflicts driven regions around the world. During the opening speech, he also introduced the mission, duties, and responsibilities of the UNITAR New York office. UNITAR is aiming to elevate the skills of diplomats from developing countries by providing diplomatic trainings in corporation with both private and public sectors. UNITAR appreciates the sponsorship from the Hiroshima prefecture and their supports on a wide variety of programmes, especially on the peacebuilding and conflict resolution programs in Africa.Meeting Briefing: UNITAR New York Office Meeting with the Hiroshima City Council Delegates

Delegates from Hiroshima City Council expressed their visions on increasing UNITAR’s impact on both local and global level. They encourage UNITAR to express their needs to the local government and the Hiroshima City Council would like to provide supports. UNITAR’s visions are well-perceived by Hiroshima because of its distinct past and its reconciliation from nuclear attack. Hiroshima City Council would like to embrace and extend the message of peace, encourage more local involvements on subject matter and educate both locals and the world on nuclear proliferations, conflict resolution, capacity buildings, and persistent peace. Hiroshima City Council also expressed their hopes on increasing the global impact and it is looking forward to working with Geneva and New York to increasing its global influence and pursuing long-term peace.

Meeting Briefing: UNITAR New York Office Meeting with the Hiroshima City Council DelegatesMr. Marco Suazo expressed his positive hopes on further collaborations with Hiroshima prefecture and Hiroshima city. UNITAR will further strengthen their ties in the future to raise more awareness and achieve better results on conflict resolution, nuclear proliferations and capacity building.

Photos: Members of the HIroshima City Council with the UNITAR colleagues