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8 October 2021, Hiroshima, Japan – UNITAR Division for Prosperity is relaunching its programme in Afghanistan after a temporary pause. The programme, which had been halted due to unrest in the country, will mobilize women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to address local food insecurity, public health challenges, and unemployment.

Women are finding it difficult to access learning opportunities in the ever-changing situation in Afghanistan. After consulting with local coordinators, UNITAR believes that training not only is necessary but will be welcomed by beneficiaries.

“UNITAR has been supporting the women of Afghanistan for years. Many have been able to start their own businesses here thanks to these programmes,” says one local coordinator. “As [organizations and businesses] begin to reopen, these trainings are urgent and necessary.”

Supported by the Government of Japan, the programme will equip women entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to turn their ideas into self-led businesses and projects. The training will empower women to play a part in their rapidly changing society and support the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme will train participants on the full cycle of entrepreneurship, from idea to market. It will include self-paced online courses and a self-led project. Participants will also engage in webinars and peer-to-peer discussions, and get coaching and mentoring support. The programme will also link participants with experts and networks from Afghanistan and around the world.

When the programme initially opened for applications in July 2021, more than 150 applicants had been accepted. UNITAR hopes that all of them will join, now that the learning can start.

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