Three months into its chairmanship of the Global Migration Group (GMG), UNITAR has already made significant progress in implementing the one-year work plan adopted by the GMG in June 2009. Working hand-in-hand with UNDP, the prospective GMG chair during the first half of 2010, UNITAR has set out to galvanize the Group around three strategic priorities:     (1) To instill a strong sense of purpose and develop a coherent voice for the GMG on current migration policy and governance challenges, most urgently the global recession and its impact on migration;   (2) To review and streamline the mandate and working methods of the GMG to enhance its effectiveness and value added;    (3) To support the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the third meeting of which will be held in Athens, Greece on 4-5 November 2009, through information-sharing and substantive contributions on the topics under discussion at the GFMD3.   UNITAR will convene a retreat of GMG Principals on 9 October on the outskirts of Geneva, bringing together the Heads of GMG member agencies for an in-depth strategy discussion. The retreat will serve to formulate a shared vision and joint recommendations of the GMG on how to best confront the challenges posed by the global recession for migrants and migration policy.  UNITAR will present this joint message on behalf of the Group at the GFMD in Athens.  In speaking “as one”, the GMG will offer States the wealth of its combined expertise and capacity to support them in their responses to the crisis.   A second output of UNITAR’s chairmanship is also well underway: Based on a survey conducted among GMG members, the Group is currently reviewing its working methods and defining a set of key priorities, which are to guide its work in the future. A central part of this effort is to enhance the visibility of the GMG through increased engagement with all stakeholders in the migration field, as well as outreach to the public at large.  To this end, the GMG website is currently being restructured and, as of mid-September 2009, will feature a whole range of migration related resources and information on upcoming events. A full-fledged communication strategy for the GMG is to be rolled out in 2010 under the chairmanship of UNDP.    UNITAR wishes to acknowledge the on-going support of its partners in the field of migration, in particular the MacArthur Foundation and the Government of Spain.   For further information click here.


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