16 December 2021, Geneva, Switzerland - On 17 March 2022, UNITAR, the University of Geneva, and the University Global Coalition, will host the fourth Geneva Trialogue edition, under the theme of "Open Innovation for Education". The Geneva Trialogue fosters communication and collaboration between academia, international organizations and the private sector, to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Geneva Trialogue builds on a rapidly growing network of international actors who  seek new collaborations to accelerate innovative solutions.

Following the 2021 successful edition on Scaling Open Innovation for the SDGs, the event continues with open innovation as the guiding theme for 2022. Open Innovation becomes a concrete way of advancing and accelerating progress on the Global Goals, since it is a practice of people working together in tackling problems and finding concrete resolution paths through the mobilization of collective intelligence locally and globally.

This year, the event will focus on the global challenge of scaling education to tackle the SDGs. With open innovation as the compass, novel educational and learning approaches that culminate in positive social and environmental impact will be discussed and developed, in a spirit of sharing and co-creating practical solutions.

The Geneva Trialogue will offer a hybrid platform for partners to bring their own topic-challenge under the 2022 theme, and will enable a Discovery-Design-Innovation Implementation process, to generate ideas and synergies with the Geneva Trialogue network, for addressing the challenge. 

This one-day event is the kick-off for the 2022 Open Geneva Festival (17-27 March), which will build in part on these ideas and synergies, in order to address the 2030 Agenda using hackathons and other participative events that promote open innovation.

UNITAR and University of Geneva, as well as the University Global Coalition and the Open Geneva Association, are the principal collaborating partners and driving forces for the 2022 Geneva Trialogue. Other key featured partners at the event are the European Crowd4SDG project on citizen science for climate action, the 2050Today initiative to decarbonize international Geneva, the #LearningPlanet global collective launched by University of Paris and UNESCO, and Yoma, a ‘learning to earning’ initiative for young people coordinated by UNICEF. 

Your 2022 Geneva Trialogue & Open Geneva Festival Experience

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