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9 July 2020
Curitiba, Brazil, 9 July 2020 - New technologies have had unprecedented impacts on industries and on the performance of professionals. The so-called fourth industrial revolution provided the citizens of the 21st century with a set of technologies with unprecedented historical impacts, materialized in the wide digitalization and technological convergence of the most diverse aspects.
22 June 2020
22 June 2020, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR’s Division for People launched the “Webinar Series Management Practices for Safer Roads” to raise awareness about practical interventions and best practices that contribute to improve road safety. Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director of UNITAR, kicked off the series and highlighted the importance of remaining focused on issues like road safety during these unprecedented times. “Let’s continue to take bold steps to reduce road traffic crashes and let’s further collaborate so that when the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, we stand ready to bring new learnings and best practices to the next decade of action for road safety”, stressed Mr. Seth.
8 June 2020
June 2020, Geneva, Switzerland - All communities are at risk of emergencies and disasters, including those associated with natural hazards, infectious disease outbreaks, conflicts, technological and other hazards. Particularly in the context of increased urbanization and climate change, frequency, severity and impact of those events are crucial. The health, economic, political and societal consequences of these hazards can be devastating for developed and developing countries.

4 June 2020
5 June 2020, Kennesaw, USA – UNITAR’s International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Atlanta (CIFAL Atlanta) successfully concluded today a week-long “Education for Sustainability and Human Rights Virtual Seminar” held 1-5 June 2020. During the 5-day virtual seminar, funded by the Miner Anderson Family Foundation, K-12 teacher participants across the State of Georgia have been learning about the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, exploring the attributes of global citizenship and human rights, and developing ideas for how to utilize these attributes in the classroom. The main goal of this seminar is for teachers in Georgia within every grade level to learn tools to authentically examine and integrate Human Rights as well as Sustainable Development issues and initiatives into their students’ educational experiences.
2 June 2020
1 June 2020, Malaga, Spain - UNITAR’s affiliated International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Malaga (CIFAL Malaga), with the support of UNICAJA Bank Foundation are pleased to present the “2030 Agenda and the SDGs Pedagogical Manual”, which aims to equip teachers with practical knowledge about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and targets to educate primary and secondary schoolchildren on these topics.
19 May 2020
19 May 2020, Atlanta, USA – UNITAR in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University and CIFAL Atlanta hosted a virtual showcase to present their “Youth & Sustainable Development Goals” online training programme aimed at empowering young leaders to implement solutions that advance the global goals.
11 May 2020
11 May 2020, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR with the support of Diageo has today launched a series of online training sessions in response to COVID-19 to deliver learning solutions with a focus on drink driving to beneficiaries.
8 May 2020
8 May 2020, Geneva, Switzerland – Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in many countries around the world. Unrestrained children are more likely to be killed in collisions than those using appropriate child restraints and seat belts.
7 May 2020
7 May 2020, Atlanta, USA - UNITAR, the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Atlanta (CIFAL Atlanta), Kennesaw State University, the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Serve Learn and Sustain Center, and the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE) Greater Atlanta, with the support of Turner Foundation are launching the e-learning programme “Youth & the Sustainable Development Goals”.
5 May 2020
5 May 2020, Madrid, Spain - UNITAR and the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Madrid (CIFAL Madrid) together with RACE and the European University are pleased to open its 2020 edition of the Postgraduate Programme “Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration”. The four-week academic programme aims to equip participants with knowledge about strategic initiatives that have been successful in reducing road traffic crashes.