14 March 2022, Geneva, Switzerland - The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has appointed iGroup founder and YPO’s Global Chairman Anastasios Economou to the Advisory Board of its Division for Multilateral Diplomacy. The two-year term takes effect from January 2022 to December 2024.

UNITAR is a dedicated training and capacity development institute within the United Nations system aiming to empower individuals, governments and organizations through knowledge and learning to effectively overcome contemporary global challenges. Within the framework of the Institute, the Division for Multilateral Diplomacy supports the intergovernmental machinery and governing bodies of the United Nations by empowering delegates and diplomats.

The main purpose of the Division’s Advisory Board is to provide guidance and leadership that would enable the Division to deliver on its mandate and overcome the major multilateral challenges facing the United Nations. The Advisory Board will also provide critical analysis of the activities of the Division to ensure the respect of quality standards in compliance with UNITAR mandate and UN guidelines.

Mr. Economou is the 69th global chairman of YPO, an organization dedicated to offering lifelong learning and idea exchange opportunities to more than 30,000 chief executive members located in 142 countries around the world.

YPO members are connected by the belief that the world needs better leaders, which they explore through a variety of learning experiences, including
the opportunity to engage with leading business and academic institutions such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD and London Business School.

Throughout his tenure at YPO, serving in multiple roles on international, regional and chapter levels, Mr. Economou has spearheaded many defining initiatives for the organization along with his member peers, who represent diverse backgrounds of cultures, perspectives, ideas and expertise.

“It is an honor to be appointed to
UNITAR’s Division for Multilateral Diplomacy’s Advisory Board,” says Mr. Economou. “By sharing my experiences from leading a global learning organization like YPO, I hope to best serve and support the board and its goal of fostering multilateral diplomacy within the United Nations.”

“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Economou to the Division of Multilateral Diplomacy’s Advisory Board and are looking forward to jointly work on expanding the Division’s positive impact on its beneficiaries in line with UNITAR’s mandate and the overall UN vision,” said Mr. Rabih El-Haddad, Director of UNITAR’s Division for Multilateral Diplomacy.


For more information please contact


Anna Sabrina Wollmann, Training Assistant, Division for Multilateral Diplomacy, anna.wollmann@unitar.org


Angela Mers, Senior Manager, Public and Media Relations, amers@ypo.org


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is a principal training arm of the United Nations, working in every region of the world. We empower individuals, governments and organizations through knowledge and learning to effectively overcome contemporary global challenges. UNITAR was established in 1965 as an autonomous body within the United Nations with the mandate of enhancing the effectiveness of the work of the United Nations and its Member States. Every year UNITAR’s reach extends to some 300,000 beneficiaries through face-to-face seminars and workshops, e-learning or other training-related events. (www.unitar.org)

About YPO

YPO is the global leadership community of more than 30,000 chief executives in 142 countries who are connected by the shared belief that the world needs better leaders. Each of our members have achieved significant leadership success at a young age. Combined, they lead businesses and organizations contributing USD9 trillion in annual revenue with more than 22 million employees. YPO members inspire and support each other through peer learning and exceptional experiences in an inclusive community of open sharing and trust. Visit ypo.org for more.

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