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The long way to a strong and dependable democracy in Nigeria
8 January 2018
"With the new electoral body for the 2011 elections, there has been so much improvement including the 2015 elections and we hope that the elections of 2019 will consolidate the successes furthermore.”
Geographic Information Systems Training for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh
29 November 2017
Before she participated in her first UNITAR training, Ms. Syeda Bushra Binte Amin was working at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC), a regional organization focused on disaster preparedness in Bangladesh.
Using Geographical Information Systems to Help Bangladesh's 3 Million Farmers
29 November 2017
“It was hard to know the exact damage area from flood, drought or other disaster because they happened fairly frequently and all estimates were done manually. Now, with GIS we can show our department and ministry a clear picture of the area of disaster and other important information quickly”.
Helping Farmers with GIS for Better Harvests and Improved Use of Grazing Lands for Cattle
28 November 2017
“Instead of the old method of information sharing, I now use technologically advanced tools to convert probability of precipitation to actual rainfall amounts for specific areas, and that final output is put into GIS maps with which farmers can interact and understand.” 
Young Rwandan Entrepreneur Improves Community and Business Skills with UNITAR Peace Building Workshop
28 November 2017
"The impact for peace training really opened my eyes to practical ‘learning by doing’ training techniques that I have integrated into my own money management training modules to a very powerful effect.” 
Megan Davis
28 November 2017
Megan Davis, an Aboriginal woman of the Cobble Cobble clan from Warra in South West Queensland was waiting at the gate of the Palais des Nations on a Saturday evening in July 2000 to board the bus to go to a small village outside Geneva to take part in the first UNITAR Training Programme to Enhance the Conflict Prevention and Peacemaking Capacities of Indigenous Peoples’ Representatives.
UNITAR Fellow Learning Management and Leadership Skills to Sustainable Develop South Sudan
28 November 2017
Ms. Christina Pita Lukudu is a legal counsel working for the Directorate of Public Prosecution in the Ministry of Justice of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation. She was among a group of Fellows who participated in the first cycle of the UNITAR South Sudan Fellowship Programme, launched in September 2015.  
Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns in Schools and Universities in Sri Lanka
28 November 2017
"Our project has already raised SCP Awareness in almost 500 Sri Lankan students ranging from school-aged children to university staff. At the same time, I am also working to develop a model green university in Sri Lanka, where SCP practices will be developed and, I hope, adopted by other universities in the country to become more environmentally friendly.”  
A Commitment to Leave No One Behind
24 November 2017
"We want to engage everyone in Jordan in our work towards the SDGs – civil society, community leaders, women, youth, people with disabilities."
Nanomaterials Scientist Working Towards Regional Safety with Help from UNITAR
24 November 2017
“Since our app became available, we have seen users from 10 different countries using it. Through the app, it has created a new network for stakeholders to collaborate in order to promote safety practices for nanotechnologies.”