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9 May 2023
The 13th annual conference entitled: "Peace and Security Through Good Governance: Practical Solutions for Combating Corruption Improving Systems of Governance and Ensuring Human Rights" is to be held from June 20-22. The conference is a joint event between UNITAR and the Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy
8 May 2023
8 May 2023, Guadalajara, Mexico – UNITAR launched the Autosobriety Training Programme to Prevent Drink-Driving in the state of Jalisco in Mexico with the support of CIFAL Mérida, Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales (FISAC) and the Secretary of Public Security of the State of Jalisco (SSP).
4 May 2023
4 May 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR officially launched the One UNITAR Gender Initiative, the first UNITAR initiative that engages all UNITAR Divisions to promote innovative learning solutions on women’s empowerment, building on extensive experiences and knowledge of all UNITAR Divisions.  
4 May 2023
04 May 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – UNITAR and Arrowad for Building Values, part of the Arrowad International Group, are pleased to announce the launch of their joint initiative, the Value-Based Leadership Programme.
2 May 2023
2 May 2023, New York, USA.- The Data Diplomacy Project was featured during the 8th Multistakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI Forum), held under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at UN headquarters in New York during the first week of May. Through the support of the UN Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR, NY Office) and of the Permanent Missions of Malta and Brazil to the UN, the project was displayed as an official side-event to the STI Forum. The event allowed the researchers Henry Iure Paiva, Rafael Mesquita, and Antonio Pires to showcase their respective data solutions in the fields of energy, multilateralism, and security.
27 April 2023
27 April 2023, Wuhan, China – The International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders (CIFAL) in Hubei successfully concluded the Autosobriety Creative Challenge workshop at Huazhong University to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as possible penalties and consequences associated to it. At the same time, the workshop served as an opportunity to present the nationwide creative challenge aimed at promoting road safety and reducing drunk driving incidents in the country.
27 April 2023
27 April 2023, Katowice, Poland – Between April 20 to 26, 2023, the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders (CIFAL) in Plock continued its efforts to promote the Autosobriety Training Programme, aimed at preventing drink-driving. The Programme was featured at the Local Career and Professional Development Fair capturing the attention of primarily young individuals who have just finished college and are looking for career advice.
26 April 2023
26 April 2023, New York, USA – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), New York Office hosted a course on Artificial Intelligence and Diplomacy on Wednesday, 26 April 2023.
25 April 2023
25 April 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – In partnership with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) UNITAR has established its 31st CIFAL centre in Singapore to offer a range of learning opportunities on sustainability education and facilitate knowledge sharing between government officials and leaders from different Asia Pacific countries.
19 April 2023
19 April 2023, Hiroshima, Japan – On 17 April 2023, UNITAR and UNITAR Association held the Hiroshima G7: Voice of the Youth dialogue where seven youths from the G7 countries living in Hiroshima had the opportunity to share their life experiences in the City and discuss Hiroshima’s role in promoting global peace.