CIFAL Curitiba's objective is to provide a range of learning opportunities and facilitate knowledge sharing between Brazil's leaders to strengthen capacities, improve decision-making, and encourage sustainable development.

Thematic Areas:

  • Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Economic and Social Development;
  • Urban Sustainability, and Environment.


  • SDGs
  • ESG
  • Integrity
  • Road Safety

CIFAL Curitiba Director

CIFAL Curitiba

Juliana de Rezende Penhaki

Juliana Penhaki has held the positions of the Director of CIFAL Curitiba and a Coordinator in the Institutional Partnership sector of Fiep System, an international department where projects related to industries' internationalization interests are developed. She has a Master's degree in Society and Technology from the UTFPR, she is certified in Cultural Biology and is also a Specialist in Social Management and Sustainability, also a Psychology Major. In the ongoing learning process, nurtures solution-oriented knowledge, and a proven ability to work with Social Mobilization, Networking Strategies, Project Development, and Implementation, Scientific Dissemination, Social Management, People Management, Organizational Development, Training, and Development.

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