A part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) offered by the University of Bolton and UNITAR


In global business, disputes and conflicts are inevitable. The University of Bolton (UoB) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) have co-developed an MBA in Alternative Dispute Resolution programme, designed to equip students with the skills to develop efficient, practical, and astute strategies for resolving such issues, outside of the traditional courtroom setting.

Delivered jointly by UoB and UNITAR, the programme is taught fully online, with the unique opportunity for participants to spend one week in Geneva, receiving hands-on training facilitated by UNITAR. Participants will gain a comprehensive theoretical understanding and the practical skills required to practice alternative dispute resolution.

Key Information

Programme Start Date: January 2025

Duration: 2 years

Modality: Online + one week in Geneva, Switzerland

Workload: Part-time

Tuition Fee: £29,750

Contact: mhairi.mackenzie@unitar.org

Application: MBA Alternative Dispute Resolution (online) January 2025 Intake

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encompasses various methods, such as mediation and arbitration, designed to resolve conflicts without resorting to traditional litigation. It offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and private means of settling disputes. With the growing complexity of legal systems and the high costs of court cases, ADR has become increasingly in demand. Its ability to provide tailored solutions and preserve professional and personal relationships further underscores its appeal.

The growing reliance on ADR across various sectors has created a steady demand for professionals with expertise in this field, promising both job stability and the potential for a dynamic career comprised of impactful work that directly contributes to more harmonious and efficient resolutions, fosters amicable solutions, and reduces the burden on the judicial system.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Cultivate a critical understanding of business organisations, including their management intricacies and the multifaceted challenges they may encounter;
  • Develop a strategic comprehension of risk, its mitigation, and dispute resolution within a global context;
  • Assess and apply arbitration and mediation techniques for resolving disputes across various commercial and investment scenarios;
  • Demonstrate intellectual capabilities such as research, critique, synthesis, innovation, and creative thinking, culminating in a professional project;
  • Prepare for senior management roles with strategic thinking and effective leadership skills tailored to the modern global economy;
  • Gain a thorough understanding of complex global business issues, facilitating systematic and creative enhancements to business practices;
  • Acquire both academic and professional skills, fostering lifelong learning, personal growth, and meaningful contributions to society.


The UoB-UNITAR MBA in Alternative Dispute Resolution is a comprehensive programme that integrates vital business, management, and life skills such as communication, leadership, advanced analysis, and problem-solving techniques, into its curriculum.  

Meticulously designed to facilitate a scaffolded learning approach, the programme ensures cohesive content integration throughout the academic year. Primarily delivered online, the MBA also includes an in-person Swiss residential experience where students will take part in face-to-face workshops, observe and engage with agencies of the United Nations, and visit relevant international organizations. Certain modules offer flexibility for topic selection in assessments, while the professional project is customized to align with each student’s experience and specialization, under the guidance of a supervisor.

University of Bolton and UNITAR

UNITAR is proud to partner with the University of Bolton, a dynamic and vibrant institution renowned for its exceptional student experience and commitment to developing life skills in a supportive environment. With a student body of approximately 20,000 and a dedicated team of 700 academic and professional staff, the University of Bolton offers degrees that emphasize applied research and vocational skills. Their entrepreneurial mindset and focus on quality make them one of the best universities in the UK, consistently ranked No.1 in the Northwest for Student Satisfaction and in the Top 5 for Teaching Quality.

The MBA in Alternate Dispute Resolution combines the academic strength of the University of Bolton with the world-class executive-style training of UNITAR, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful educational experience.

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