Manual for UN Delegates

The “Manual for UN Delegates – Conference Process, Procedure and Negotiation” is MDPs latest Publication. It targets newcomers to conference diplomacy as well as experienced conference delegates who find themselves assigned to represent their government in international organizations, conferences and negotiations. The manual provides an essential introduction to the world of multilateral conferences and diplomacy to those who have been assigned by their government to multilateral postings at the UN and other international organization or have been nominated to join their national delegation to an international conference.


  • The Manual explains the most important processes and procedures in multilateral conferences with examples of particular cases
  • It describes how delegates organize their work and advance their objectives
  • It gives tips as to strategies and tactics that have proven effective in advancing a delegates objective


  • The Manual helps newcomers to conference diplomacy to overcome obstacles and become effective more quickly
  • It serves as a reference work for more experienced conference delegates
  • It deepens the understanding of the rules and the dynamics of conferences

The Author

Ronald A. Walker is a former Australian diplomat and a senior international consultant to UNITAR

The "Manual for UN Delegates - Conference Process, Procedure and Negotiation" is available for sale at the UN bookshop in Geneva (Palais des Nations, Switzerland).

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