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The long way to a strong and dependable democracy in Nigeria
8 January 2018
"With the new electoral body for the 2011 elections, there has been so much improvement including the 2015 elections and we hope that the elections of 2019 will consolidate the successes furthermore.”
Young Rwandan Entrepreneur Improves Community and Business Skills with UNITAR Peace Building Workshop
28 November 2017
"The impact for peace training really opened my eyes to practical ‘learning by doing’ training techniques that I have integrated into my own money management training modules to a very powerful effect.” 
Megan Davis
28 November 2017
Megan Davis, an Aboriginal woman of the Cobble Cobble clan from Warra in South West Queensland was waiting at the gate of the Palais des Nations on a Saturday evening in July 2000 to board the bus to go to a small village outside Geneva to take part in the first UNITAR Training Programme to Enhance the Conflict Prevention and Peacemaking Capacities of Indigenous Peoples’ Representatives.
UNITAR Fellow Learning Management and Leadership Skills to Sustainable Develop South Sudan
28 November 2017
Ms. Christina Pita Lukudu is a legal counsel working for the Directorate of Public Prosecution in the Ministry of Justice of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation. She was among a group of Fellows who participated in the first cycle of the UNITAR South Sudan Fellowship Programme, launched in September 2015.  
Training the Mali Police Force Practical Techniques on Sustainable Peace Prior to Deployment
24 November 2017
 “Coaching was something new for me. The session included techniques and simulations that gave a realistic dimension to the training, while providing us with practical experience in applying the various steps of the coaching process."
Drawing a Brighter Future for the Demobilized Colombian Youth 
23 November 2017
“For me, it was not just a drawing session, it was a human experience. It was the first time for me that a professional mandate gave so much on a personal level."
Senior Diplomat Participates in First Training Programme in Peacemaking and Preventive Diplomacy for the Asia-Pacific Region
23 November 2017
“International relations tells us to operate from the head. I think in peacemaking and preventive diplomacy, it is also important that the heart is involved.” 
I Believe in My Country and Its Youth
23 November 2017
Far from bragging about it, 25 years old Hasan might be too modest to acknowledge he's part of Iraq's best chances for a brighter future. Born in Baghdad one year after the end of the first Gulf War, he grew up in a family of engineers that definitely nurtured his own interest for science.