The “Leadership in the Public Sector” portfolio comprises of blended training programmes with e-learning courses as well as face-to-face training workshops. The aim of these programmes are to build and strengthen the skills of public sector leaders around the world for the successful implementation of Agenda 2030. The objectives of the portfolio are:

  • To raise awareness
  • To build capacity
  • To ensure leadership development tools are accessible to all via e-learning courses and face to face workshops

E-Learning Course: Leadership in the Public Sector


The certified e-learning course “Leadership in the Public Sector” is an interactive and self-paced course. The overall aim of the course is to strengthen the competences required by emerging public sector leaders for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, to recognize the most important skills required for effective leadership, and to gain a comprehensive overview of the current and future challenges facing public leaders.

 At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe different approaches to leadership
  • Recognise the specific challenges facing public sector leaders
  • Describe the potential benefits and costs of collaboration in the context of achieving development results
  • Describe the role of public leaders in achieving the SDGs
  • Identify the leadership skills necessary to manage future challenges.


The course is based on UNITAR’s pedagogical principles. Each unit includes interactive e-lessons, self-assessments and reflections to assimilate learnings as well as resources and offline materials for reference. The learning activities are distributed in such a way to ensure the achievement of the learning objectives in a flexible manner.

Participant profile

The course is designed for emerging public-sector leaders, civil servants and managers from both developed and developing countries.


A certificate of completion is issued to participants who achieve a course total of 70% or above. A certificate of participation is issued to participants who achieve a final course score lesser than 70%.


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