Learning and education remain ever-transforming pillars of society. In navigating the changing technological landscape and learner requirements, microlearning has become a pivotal tool in extending the accessibility of learning. 

‘Educate All’ marks a collaboration between UNITAR and EdApp to increase access to free, high-quality and impactful education around the world. Through UNITAR's engagement, the initiative opens EdApp’s mobile learning platform for people all over the world providing free access to microlearning courses to advance their knowledge of sustainability, leadership, business skills and more.
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Youth Entrepreneurship


UNITAR is proud to present a new micro-learning course on Youth Entrepreneurship, to engender an entrepreneurial drive in today’s young population.

This course dives into three important pillars of entrepreneurship - the mindset, the business model, and leadership skills. 

Develop your entrepreneurial skills and mindset now and on the go!

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Microlearning courses on Road Safety


What should you do in the event of an accident? 

Statistics show that between 30 and 50 percent of total deaths occur in the next 5 minutes after a road traffic crash. Knowing what to do if you witness or experience a crash can save lives. 

Learn about first aid tips you should know in case of a road traffic crash and what you should do to help an accident victim.

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Car safety during pregnancy


Women are at increased risk of being seriously injured during a motor vehicle accident. In the United States, Motor vehicle crashes during pregnancy are the leading cause of traumatic fetal mortality and serious maternal injury morbidity and mortality, injuring approximately 92,500 pregnant women each year (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA). 

This course aims to raise awareness about the risks for pregnant women while driving and to provide seat belt use recommendations during pregnancy. 

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Child Road Safety - Using restraint systems to keep children safe and protected


The use of seat belts and child restraints is one of the most important actions that can be taken to prevent and reduce injury in a motor vehicle crash. Child restraints are also effective in reducing injuries that can occur during non-crash events, such as a sudden stop, a swerving evasive manoeuvre or a door opening during vehicle movement.

Infants and children need a child restraint system that accommodates their size and weight, and can adapt to cope with the different stages of their development. 

This course aims to raise awareness about appropriate child restraint systems and its effectiveness in reducing death and injury, as well as to provide information about safety standards, categories and regulations of car seats, and the elements that help protect children when using restraint systems.

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Leadership in the Public Sector


UNITAR is proud to present a new micro-learning course on Leadership in the Public Sector.

This course aims to strengthen the competences required by public sector leaders and public servants for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, to recognize the most important skills required for effective leadership, and to gain a comprehensive overview of the current and future challenges public leaders are facing.

Develop your leadership skills now on the go!

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Crisis Management for Public Officials


UNITAR is proud to present a new micro-learning course on Crisis Management for Public Officials.

This course focuses on the skills necessary to effectively manage a crisis and continually deliver to the people you serve.

Develop your crisis management skills now on the go!

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