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The Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit is an interactive e-learning tool that presents a management methodology that can be applied in the field of road safety to:

  • Collect data on the number and location of deaths by road user type,
  • Identify hazardous and critical road locations and sections where excessive numbers or severity of crashes occur,
  • Outline corrective measures,
  • Implement interventions and monitor results.

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The Road Safety Practices for Motorcycle Users

Based on country experiences and on practical initiatives, this toolkit contains case studies and good practices that aim to curb motorcyclists’ deaths and injuries due to traffic crashes.

 The Toolkit presents interventions related to road engineering and infrastructure improvement, helmet use, vehicle safety, enforcement, data collection and analysis, awareness and education.  It also includes some international experiences in promoting actions that lead to a reduction in road traffic injuries and deaths of motorcycle users.

 To learn more about the “Road Safety Practices for Motorcycle Users” Toolkit, download the  document here: 


Learning App

Significant progress on road safety can be achieved through global cooperation, implementation of evidence-based strategies and engagement with all relevant actors, including the private sector, as well as additional innovative approaches.

With the aim of contributing to advance road safety, the United Nations Institute for Training And Research (UNITAR) developed the "Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit Learning App" which presents a practical management methodology that can be applied in the field of road safety.

The App provides in-hand practical solutions, participatory contributions from different stakeholders including the private sector, and results-based interventions. It highlights projects in which the methodology has been implemented and tested in cities in Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico and South Africa. 

It also features a checklist to support users to monitor their progress throughout the different stages of the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” Toolkit’s methodology. 

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store, today!

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Immersive Virtual Experience

Through the Virtual Reality experience, participantshave a glimpse into a management methodologypresented in the “Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit” and how this resulted in effective road safety interventions. The toolkit helps conduct road assessments and identify corrective measures to reduce deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes.

Users experience a virtual immersion of a pilot project implemented in the Federal District of Brazil. The 360° virtual reality video showcases a total of nine interventions carried out in five identified high-risk areas (“crash hotspots”).

To learn more about the Immersive Virtual Experience, please click here.


Webinar Series

This Learning Webinar Series is organized by UNITAR, the CIFAL Global Network and international partners to:

  • Raise awareness about the « Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit », how to access it, its methodology and application,
  • Provide an open space to interact with experts, government officials and practitioners on how to use this Toolkit to improve road safety.

For more information on the Management Practices for Safer Roads Webinar Seriesplease click here.

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