Revolutionize your career in the digital technology sector by joining our game-changing partnership! UNITAR and SmarterChains have joined forces to bring you the latest in online Training Program in Industry 4.0. In addition, our exclusive webinar series will keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices. Discover how this partnership can empower you to take your career to the next level.

Industry 4.0, commonly termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by the fusion of transformative digital technologies—like IoT, AI, and robotics—with traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. This revolution is setting a new standard in the global manufacturing landscape, maximizing efficiency, productivity, and adaptability. At the heart of Industry 4.0 lies the inception of 'smart factories,' epitomizing a future where systems are seamlessly interconnected, streamlining operations and automation in real-time.

Integrating the realms of digital, physical, and virtual realms unlocks exceptional potential for heightened growth and productivity. This convergence is reshaping the competitive landscape by introducing smart products and innovative service models. Industry 4.0 capabilities can boost production systems, making them up to 35% faster and 30% more efficient. This advancement facilitates "mass customization," empowering the rapid creation of tailored products at an unprecedented scale and pace.

There is limited availability (largely due to affordability) for professional skill development programs which address the needs of the public sector. Therefore, SmarterChains and UNITAR’s Training Program in Industry 4.0 provides a strong cross-sectorial link between Manufacturing Engineering, Digital Technology, Healthcare, Energy, Agriculture, Finance, Construction, Telecommunications, Environmental Monitoring, Government and Public Spaces, Space and Aerospace, Entertainment and Media, and Water and Waste Management addressing all the needed skill sets whilst still being affordable for low-income countries.

UNITAR and SmarterChains Training Programme is being offered to students in:

  • 10 Module Online Programme Format – to all students who fulfil the required criteria

About SmarterChains:

SmarterChains is the first strategy automation platform empowering factory & consulting teams to improve future plant performance with learning and strategy development tools. Since 2016 SmarterChains has delivered more than 350 plant digital assessments and strategies and has educated more than 3,000 people on Industry 4.0 concepts, methodologies and technologies

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