Health technologies are a key component in the global push for universal healthcare access. Their impact is multifaceted, encompassing increased healthcare efficiency through tools like electronic health records and telemedicine. These technologies extend the reach of healthcare services, enabling remote consultations and addressing healthcare deserts, particularly benefiting underserved populations. Additionally, health technologies facilitate secure health information sharing, fostering care continuity and reducing medical errors.


Raise awareness of technologies available to enhance telemedicine access, particularly in low-resource settings.




  • Identify opportunities for integrating technologies
  • Policymakers and healthcare workers will better understand health technology deployment
  • Technology innovators will understand the current landscape and need to guide future innovation


The event series is centred on the pivotal role of health technologies in advancing global access to healthcare. Esteemed thought leaders come together in a monthly open-access webinar format to delve into cutting-edge technologies and their relevance in the current global healthcare landscape.

A total of seven webinars take place following a "fireside chat" style, lasting for 60 minutes. The format involves a 10-minute presentation by a guest speaker, with the remaining time dedicated to interactive discussions among participants.

The series is guided by essential questions:

  • Utilizing Digital Technology and eLearning: How can digital technology and eLearning contribute to the dissemination of best healthcare practices worldwide?
  • Challenges in Digital Health Access: What obstacles do governments and healthcare systems encounter while striving to provide digital health access?
  • Future Prospects of Digital Health Technologies: What lies ahead for digital health technologies globally, and how will they shape the future of healthcare?



This webinar series supports the advancement of the UN SDGs with a specific advancement on the following :

United Nations
United Nations



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