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18 December 2018
The potential for future impact can be seen with Pema, another participant of the UNOSAT training. Only two years into her job with the National Land Commission as a survey engineer, Pema has a different scope of work than Sonam.
18 December 2018
Talking with Sonam, who was video calling us from outside in the green forests of Bhutan where he works, it was soon clear how passionate he is about his work; he is engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was also clear that, for Sonam and his team at least, the UNOSAT training has had an immediate impact on the work that they do.
Solomon Kusi Ampofo - Natural Resources Governance Coordinator Friends of the Nation (NGO), Ghana
7 November 2018
"The workshop contributed as one of the outcomes in terms of building the national capacity to undertake Mercury Inventory."
Geographic Information Systems Training for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh
29 November 2017
Before she participated in her first UNITAR training, Ms. Syeda Bushra Binte Amin was working at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC), a regional organization focused on disaster preparedness in Bangladesh.
Using Geographical Information Systems to Help Bangladesh's 3 Million Farmers
29 November 2017
“It was hard to know the exact damage area from flood, drought or other disaster because they happened fairly frequently and all estimates were done manually. Now, with GIS we can show our department and ministry a clear picture of the area of disaster and other important information quickly”.
Helping Farmers with GIS for Better Harvests and Improved Use of Grazing Lands for Cattle
28 November 2017
“Instead of the old method of information sharing, I now use technologically advanced tools to convert probability of precipitation to actual rainfall amounts for specific areas, and that final output is put into GIS maps with which farmers can interact and understand.”