UNITAR’s Very First Bottom-Up Crowdfunding Campaign


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December 2018, Geneva, Switzerland - Talented and motivated professionals in developing countries and conflict regions have difficulty accessing the social capital and other means needed to effectively make change happen. Through the PeaceFunder programme, UNITAR proposes crowdfunding as a new tool to allow actual and potential changemakers from all over the world to specialize in their area by gaining a relevant advanced university degree. By running their own crowdfunding campaign, the previously selected highly qualified scholars will be able to participate in the UNITAR Master programmes and independent courses for incumbent and aspiring professionals. However, we strive to provide more than just funding. The aim of the programme is to help professionals working in the field of peacebuilding, conflict resolution and electoral policy to access a network that would support them on a local and international scale.

Empowering Changemakers to Contribute to Sustainable Peace

To run an effective crowdfunding campaign, the 43 scholars are provided with expert coaches that have knowledge and skills in the fields of marketing, social media and crowdfunding. To reach their funding goals, they are reaching out to a community of people working in the same field with the same goals as well as to partner organizations and diaspora networks. In this way, they can acquire the skills, tools and contacts to become local leaders and work towards achieving a better future through peace.

The scholars become skilled in presenting themselves and actively showcasing the work they are doing in their country of origin on various social media platforms. The idea is that this will help them become not only more effective in fundraising but will also help them to find and connect with partners in their field of work. The media campaign will increase the possibilities of the scholars to partner with and reach out to relevant professional networks and organizations in the field of peacebuilding, conflict resolution and electoral policy. Here you can read and watch the personal stories they have shared and stay updated: Electoral Policy and Administration, Conflict, Peace and Security, and Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding. Please, note that the scholars are grouped in accordance with the degree they wish to pursue.

The PeaceFunder programme contributes to the broader mandate of UNITAR, which is to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Agenda by building capacities of individuals and institutions around the globe. This campaign, in particular, contributes to Goal 4 of Quality Education and Goal 16 of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. By getting involved now and reaching out to share your knowledge, skills and social capital, you will empower changemakers to overcome global challenges.

  • Find out how you can further increase the impact of the PeaceFunder campaign.
  • Equip changemakers with increased access to social capital.
  • Connect them with a network of people that can help fundraise their tuition fee.
  • Share the campaign within your social network.

Learning is an ongoing process. Through this programme, I will be able to implement the latest good practices in elections management and monitoring and make a positive contribution to policy-making in my home country, Zimbabwe.

-Antonetta Hamadishe, Scholar of Electoral Policy & Administration


Abdel Aziz Osman, from Sudan, has already raised $780 from his personal networks for his campaign. "In times of distress, you really see how tight each community becomes. If someone is in the water, they’re plucked out. If someone is injured, they’re bandaged. There are no questions, just action. I’d love to see that kind of community support all over the world. Not just during times of crisis and disaster, but in everyday life. The villages that support each other are the villages that succeed. In this giant village of Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, it’s vital that we remember that our responsibilities lie not just with ourselves, but also with our neighbours."

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