Vacancy announcement

Consultant - Economic Modelling Expert

Vacancy type Consultant/Individual Contractor
Duration of the contract
7 months (Output-based)
Deadline for submission of applications
20 October 2021
Organizational Unit
Green Development and Climate Change Programme Unit (GDCCPU)
Area of Specialization/Thematic Areas:

Modelling and economic analysis, economy of Kazakhstan, EU carbon policy


UNITAR is a founding member of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) ( a one-UN initiative that supports countries in putting sustainability at the heart of economic and policy planning. UNITAR is the lead coordinating agency for work carried out by the Partnership in Kazakhstan.

Since 2013, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been implementing the Concept for the Transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a Green Economy (hereinafter - the Concept), which outlines the goals, objectives and general approaches to achieving sustainable development in the country. Meanwhile, after the adoption of the Concept at the national level, in the global arena Kazakhstan has made international commitments under the Paris Agreement (i.e. carbon neutrality till 2060) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In 2020 (with support from PAGE) a new Environmental Code was adopted and the Concept of low-carbon development until 2060 is currently being finalized.

The world's leading economies are strengthening international climate action and adopting ambitious plans for the transition to low-carbon development. For example, the "European Green Deal" with its emissions tax and potential carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) for imported goods (such as metals, oil, gas) will have an important impact on the economy of Kazakhstan. Preventive action is needed to safeguard economic competitiveness and international markets in the mid- and long-term.

Following the official request for support by the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - MEGNR), UN PAGE is providing technical assistance to the Kazakh Government for the following two interconnected policy initiatives, which the consultant will contribute to:

  • Policy analysis on the impact of EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism on the economy of Kazakhstan.
  • Update of “Concept for the Transition the Republic of Kazakhstan to a Green Economy” (here after GEC). 
General objectives of the contract:

Using Computable General Equilibrium model (or similar suitable methodology) the consultant will conduct an impact assessment of the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on the economy of Kazakhstan, as well as support the process of updating the GEC. The consultant will receive guidance from a lead consultant (team leader), PAGE National coordinator and inert-agency group, as well as national partners.

Responsibilities/description of professional services:

Modelling the analysis of the impact of EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Specific tasks include:

  • Assist in analysing recent and on-going changes in the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism design
  • Building partial equilibrium sectoral models to assess the impact of the EU-CBAM on the specific selected sectors
  • Procuring and adding micro- (firm level) and sectoral data to the existing database of the economy
  • Hep assess the impacts of the EU-CBAM on selected sectors and economy and overall macroeconomic development
  • Participate in stakeholder consultations to discuss and present the results of the CBAM assessment. Adjust assessment considering stakeholder feedback (a minimum of 4 meetings)
  • Help draft a summary report and policy recommendations.
  • Provide ad-hoc technical and capacity development assistance to national stakeholders on CBAM related issues, as required

Provide support for the process of updating the Green Economy Concept

  • Conduct research and analysis to support the development of a vision for the GEC update
  • Participate and help document meetings of the working groups of the Green Economy Council (8 meetings) in Russian language
  • Contribution to the Final draft of the vision, considering the comments of the working groups, preparation of Russian version
  • Based on the vision of the updated GEC, help develop scenarios, prioritisation of policies and assumptions which can be used in a modelling exercise using CSE or similar methodology.
Performance Indicators for Evaluation of Results:
  • Economic model uses all available data to produce results with high level of granularity.
  • Stakeholder consultations are well attended, insights are documented and used to complete task as specifies by the Government.
  • Timely and quality submission of deliverables.
  • Activities implemented with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • High degree of professionalism demonstrated by the consultant.
Skills and Competencies expected from the individual:
  • Experience in providing technical/policy assistance in Kazakhstan (provide supporting documents)
  • Capacities in economic modelling, in particular CGE models (provide supporting documents)
  • Ability to procure data for economic modelling from national and international sources.
  • Familiarity with EU-CBAM policy process and its impact on the economy of Kazakhstan
  • Ability to provide support in the given timeframe
  • Works independently and take initiative.
  • Experienced working in a multicultural environment.
  • Engage with professionals and experts, working with various and unique skill sets.
Reporting structure:

The incumbent will report to the Director, Division for Planet, Manager, Green Development and Climate Change Programme Unit, Division for Planet.

Day to day contact: Associate Programme Officer, Green Development and Climate Change Programme Unit, Division for Planet.

Minimum requirements
  • Master’s degree in economics or other relevant academic discipline;
  • 7 years of professional experience in macro – economic modeling;
  • Fluent Russian and English speaker.
Desired requirements
  • Five years of experience with Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Model;
  • Macro-economic modelling experience of the economy of Kazakhstan;
  • Experience of working under similar projects with international organizations;
  • Knowledge of the CBAM development process.

Interested candidates should provide:

  • evidence (samples) of relevant projects/experience
  • financial proposal, including the fixed contract value and a breakdown of costs for the tasks outlined.

The assignment will be home-based. The Consultant will be therefore required to use his/her own computer and required software.

Consultants are responsible for determining their tax liabilities and for the payment of any taxes and/or duties, in accordance with local laws. UNITAR does not reimburse Consultants for any taxes, duty, or other contribution payable by the Consultant on payments made under the consultancy contract.

The Institute does not provide or arrange life or health insurance coverage for Consultant, and Consultant are not eligible to participate in the life and health insurance schemes provided by the UN for its staff members.

How to apply

Please submit your application along with a letter of motivation as soon as possible.

Due to the high number of expected applications, UNITAR will only contact shortlisted applicants.