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26 January 2009
The BBC use Satellite Imagery from UNOSAT to show damage during the recent events in Gaza.



21 January 2009
19 January 2009
1 January 2009
Since 2005, UNITAR supports this process through the Migration and Development Seminar Series at United Nations Headquarters. The Series is implemented in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the MacArthur Foundation.
12 December 2008
On the 8th of December, UNITAR signed a new cooperation framework in
information technologies with the European Organization for Nuclear
Research, CERN . In signing this agreement, UNITAR intends to develop the
long standing and fruitful collaboration that its operational satellite
applications programme "UNOSAT" already had with CERN. Thanks to this
partnership UNITAR will benefit from the CERN IT infrasctructure, and the
partners will notably engage themselves in joint research projects to
12 December 2008
The UNITAR Climate Change programme on 4th December 2008 launched a new project on capacity building and adaptation to climate change with 7 regional centers of excellence found in Asia, Africa the Caribbean and the South Pacific, after having secured a 1 million EURO grant from the European Commission/Cooperation Aid.
12 December 2008
The United Nations agencies on Monday 8th December 2008, presented to an audience of more than 100 participants their capacity building and development activities to address climate change.
12 December 2008