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UNITAR Master degrees are advanced academic programmes, offered in partnership with the leading higher education institutions and designed to strengthen knowledge and capacities in the field of peace and security. The programmes are mostly delivered online, offering a high degree of flexibility for mid to upper-level professionals currently working in the field or whose assignments involve a lot of traveling. Each programme has in-built advanced academic modules, which can be taken separately based on individual needs and preferences.

Advanced academic programmes and Master degrees in peace & security - Learn how to make a difference

How many lives can you save, how many voices can you unmute when you have knowledge and skills to do so? Online learning and education at UNITAR is accessible, adaptable, available and acceptable for everyone! Learn more about our advanced academic programmes and online degrees in peace and security, offered by UNITAR in partnership with the leading hubs of academic expertise 🎓 For mid- to upper-level professionals who dedicate their career to the promotion of peace and stability in their communities and globally:

What is peace for YOU?

What is peace for you? Hear from one of our 259 master students from 76 countries working in the most difficult settings to promote and protect our common values. The video has been developed on the occasion of the International Day of Peace 21 September 2019. Because peace is the way!

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