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Global Plan of Action (GPA)  for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement
The Global Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement (GPA) is a non-binding framework and entails concrete recommendations for accelerated progress towards the vision of safe access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services for all displaced people by 2030. The living framework is the result of continued consultation among humanitarian and development organisations, the private sector, governments, academia, and other stakeholders involved in the provision of fuel and energy services to displaced people.
UNITAR Hiroshima South Sudan Fellowship on Entrepreneurship and Project Planning 2018 Cycle
On 26 June 2018 – After five days of focused learning in Entebbe, Uganda, Workshop II of the United Nations Institute for Training and research (UNITAR) Hiroshima South Sudan Fellowship on Entrepreneurship and Project Planning came to a successful conclusion.
UNITAR South Sudan Fellowship 2017
The UNITAR South Sudan Fellowship Programme 2017 Cycle targets 20 junior-mid level representatives from the public sector, private sector, civil society organizations, media organizations and academic institutions in South Sudan.
UNITAR Iraq Fellowship Programme
The UNITAR Iraq Fellowship Programme: Entrepreneurship and Leadership Youth Training is a six-month-long programme that focuses on project implementation and development, aiming to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for effective project management and leadership for 24 junior-mid level professionals from public and private sectors, civil society organizations, and academic institutions in Iraq.
Entrepreneurship and Business Development Training
The UNITAR Hiroshima Office is developing for 2016 a new training programme focusing on the development of social businesses in countries emerging from conflict.
Finance, Economics and Foreign Aid Training
UNITAR Hiroshima has developed several programmes which enhance the knowledge and understanding of how to implement effective financial systems and processes.
Leadership, Communication and Management Training
UNITAR Hiroshima has developed a range of high level training programmes on leadership, communication and management through long experience training senior government, business and NGO officials, including from Afghanistan and Iraq .
Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Training
The UNITAR Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Training has been successfully developed and delivered on the following occasions.
Online-based Learning and Education - Objectives
The International Master’s Degree in Conflictology presents an unique opportunity to professionals working within the framework of international and regional organizations, as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions to examine conflicts in all of their dimensions and to explore innovative approaches for their management, resolution and transformation, through a network of world-leading academics and experts.
Post-Conflict Development Training
By virtue of its location in the eternal city of Hiroshima, the UNITAR Hiroshima Office is able to expose participants to the post-conflict reconstruction story of the city, as well as to the policies and processes implemented which today see a citizenry devoted to peace education, and the memorization of tragedy for the benefit of future generations.