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Supporting the Operationalization of the African Women Leaders Network is a project coordinated by UNITAR, under the guidance of the African Union Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security. This project aims to enhance the effectiveness, visibility and outreach of the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN)  – in line with the strategic objectives set by the AWLN Steering Committee – through the design, establishment and transfer of a Knowledge Management Platform (KMP). Requested during the third meeting of the AWLN Steering Committee, the KMP will support AWLN’s operations and functions and advance African women’s transformative leadership, intergenerational dialogue, and youth empowerment.

The AWLN KMP will contribute to the Network’s overarching objectives and flagship projects, as well as to the Young Women Leaders Caucus’ Plan of Action 2020-2022. It will include several inter-related services underpinned by the principle of national ownership:

  • Inter-generational facilitated interaction space;
  • A knowledge hub driving knowledge production, innovative thinking and evidence-based action planning;
  • A capacity-building space offering a selection of online learning products and targeted opportunities for face-to-face capacity development and skills enhancement;
  • A communications hub providing visibility and outreach capacity;
  • An embedded Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework.

The design and creation of the KMP will be guided by the needs of the AWLN members, with the ownership of the KMP being transferred to a host institution. The AWLN's continual input to and future ownership of this KMP are essential to ensure that this community of practice meets the needs of the target audience and that the platform can grow to become one of the main backbones of the Network.

For more information related to our activities in the area of women’s empowerment, please contact the Youth and Women’s Empowerment team at ptp@unitar.org.

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