Bringing the expertise and best practices from different partners, UNITAR offers training and learning opportunities for public officials and legislators on the implementation of comprehensive programmes that promote the use of child restraint systems, in order to save the lives of the most vulnerable.  For media and journalists on road safety and social communication. For parents and grandparents on the proper use of child restraint systems and seat belts.

The overall goal of UNITAR’s activities in this area is to contribute to advance Global Road Safety Performance Target 8: By 2030, increase the proportion of motor vehicle occupants using safety belts or standard child restraint systems to close to 100%.

Children’s book on Road Safety: La Pandilla de la Rueda (The Wheel Crew)

Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a powerful and unique way for children and youth of different ages alike to develop an understanding and appreciation for a certain topic or any aspect of our daily lives. 

Through the adventures of the characters of the story, “La Pandilla de la Rueda (The Wheel Crew)” aims to teach children in a fun way about how to be safe when walking or traveling on wheels.

The Book is accompanied by an Educational Guide to help teachers in the classroom and parents at home organize teaching activities for children according to their age and academic level. For children age 5-12 years old.


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