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Upcoming Online Courses on Public Finance, Trade and Intellectual Property
For inquiries, please email pft-elearning@unitar.org | Secure online payment by credit card is now available. 2019 Online Courses (more courses to be added shortly).
Entrepreneurship and Business Development Training
The UNITAR Hiroshima Office is developing for 2016 a new training programme focusing on the development of social businesses in countries emerging from conflict.
Finance, Economics and Foreign Aid Training
UNITAR Hiroshima has developed several programmes which enhance the knowledge and understanding of how to implement effective financial systems and processes.
Transparency and Anti-Corruption Training
The UNITAR Hiroshima Office has developed several training programmes which focus on improving the transparency and accountability of public servants and government agencies.
Community of Practice for Finance Officials
The Community of Practice for Finance Officials project - in collaboration with the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) – aims to ensure that the networking and sharing of good practices remains active, even after a training event has taken place.
Hiroshima On Demand Training
Building upon over a decade of experience delivering focused, relevant, needs-based training in Afghanistan, the UNITAR Hiroshima Office frequently delivers tailored training modules for countries enduring and emerging from conflict situations.
Creative Economy Initiative
The Creativity and Culture for Development Initiative (Crea4Dev) intends to build skills and enhance knowledge of policymakers, creative entrepreneurs and artists through a holistic learning approach.