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4th edition - Our contributions to COP24 and COP2

3rd edition - Peace education for peaceful, just and inclusive society

2nd edition - Are we doing our training right to help Member States achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

1st edition - 2017 Achievements and Outlook for 2018


4th edition - Education is the pathway to achieving the SDGs

3rd edition - Innovation in Learning: virtual reality and other innovative approach to learning

2nd edition - Strengthening and Supporting Civil Society Space

1st edition - 2016 Achievements and Outlook for 2017


4th edition - Stories from Our Beneficiaries

3rd edition - Master's Programmes

2nd edition - Building Capacities of Youth

1st edition - 2015 Achievements and Outlook for 2016


4th edition - Capacity for Agenda 2030

3rd edition - UNITAR programmes working towards Advancing Environmental Sustainability and Green Development

2nd edition - UNITAR’s Training Offers on Disaster Risk Reduction

1st edition - 2014 Achievements and Outlook for 2015


4th edition - UNITAR’s Phase II of the Post-2015 Orientation and Training Programme

3rd edition - UNITAR’s Post-2015 Development Agenda Briefing and Orientation Programme

2nd edition - Diversity at UNITAR

1st edition - 50 More Years of Human Empowerment


4th edition - Voices and Faces of beneficiaries and partners of UNITAR

3rd edition - New technology (download PDF, 204 KB)

2nd edition - Voices and Faces of UNITAR (download PDF, 136 KB)

1st edition - Achievements 2012 - New Initiatives 2013 (download PDF, 272 KB)


4th edition - Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (download PDF, 295 KB)

3rd edition - UNITAR's participation at Rio+20: 'Looking Back, Heading Forward (download PDF, 410 KB)

June 2012 Special Edition on Rio+20 (download PDF , 339 KB)

2nd edition

1st edition


3rd edition

2nd edition

1st edition

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