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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research is pleased to announce a workshop on Environmental Negotiations and Climate Change Diplomacy to be held from 26- 27 August at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The workshop, co-organized with the Olof Palme Memorial Fund, is part of the 2010 Negotiation Series “Towards levelling the playing field”.
In an effort to complement the analysis of very-high resolution imagery with data acquired in the field and in-situ mapping, UNOSAT and French NGO ACTED (Agence de Cooperation Technique et Developpement) have established a specific collaboration agreement for the generation of advanced geographic information during and immediately after the crisis. The agreement, which comes after the two organisations started working separately but in consultation over the main areas affected by the incidents of the recent weeks, identifies a few specific areas of cooperation and the relevant output.
25-26 June 2010, Batam, Indonesia
The recent global economic and financial crisis has revealed the crucial importance of understanding the intricacies of risk analysis and risk management applied to finance. This advanced course is designed to provide professionals with specific hands-on tools and modeling techniques for effective risk management, and builds on the Fundamentals of Risk Management course.