The Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Serbia and UNITAR signed a Memorandum of Agreement concerning a project “Preparing a National Profile to Assess National Capacities for Implementation of the Aarhus Convention” in 2005. 

The national project coordinator was Ms. Biljana Jovanovic Ilic, Ministry of Nature Protection. A National Coordinating Team was established to guide and oversee project implementation.
National Planning Workshop
A National Planning Workshop took placeon the 31st March 2005. Participants from a range of government agencies and stakeholder groups participated in the event.
National Profile Development
The process of ratification of the Convention was under way within the framework of activities to harmonize national legislation with European legislation. Preparing a National Profile on the Aarhus Convention was therefore contributing to these efforts. Lessons learned indicate that the process has made a practical contribution towards evaluating national capacities related to the implementation of the Convention, and pointing to required actions in order to address the identified gaps.
Serbia acceded to the Aarhus Convention on the 31st July 2009.