Principle 10 National Profile and Action Plan Project in Honduras

The National Authority for the Environment (ANAM) of Panama and UNITAR signed a Memorandum of Agreement concerning the project “Preparing a National Profile and Action Plan on the Implementation of Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration” in September of 2009.

The national project coordinator is Ms. Lenisel Saavedra, Lawyer at the Legal Advice Office, with Mr. Generoso Guerra, likewise Lawyer at the Legal Advice Office, serving as focal point. A National Coordinating Team has been established to guide and oversee project implementation.
National Planning Workshop
A National Planning Workshop took place on 9 December 2009 in Panama City. Some 45 participants from various governmental groups, private sector and public interest groups developed a work plan for the project which aims at strengthening participatory environmental governance. The workshop was opened by Mrs. Melanie Castillo, Sub-Administrator of ANAM, who emphasized “the need to strengthen access to environmental information and environmental education, elements that are considered critical for citizens to exercise their rights and duties”. [read more]
National Profile Development
A first draft of the National Profile is expected to be available in November 2011.
Profile Review Workshop
A workshop to review the draft National Profile is planned to take place in December 2011. The event will be attended by government agencies and stakeholders.
All project documents are also available on our publications page, including:
  • National Planning Workshop Report